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14 -16th of April 
3rd EU-Mexico Civil Society Seminar on Human Rights
Place: Mexico City
"Panel" on children and teenagers situation
(representation Olivier Pourbaix)

Seminar's Objectives 2015: The seminar will allow to exchange (share) experiences and good practices regarding critical matters on Human Rights in Mexico and in the European Union, between the mexican and european civil society's representants, all of them being experts in the approached thematics: children's Rights, migrants, refugees and "deplaces"; companies and Human Rights and reinforcement of the "State of law".

Recommendations and proposals that will come out during the event have as main goal to serve as a base for political discussions regularly taking place between European Union and Mexico


16 - 26th of April 


Place: Haïti - 


In the last 17th April were meted representatives of the Street work Training Institute (SwTI) and of the PLATRUSE (Southeast Haiti Street Workers Platform) based in Jacmel. These are the CEP (Community Education Centre) in Port-au-Prince and the Cap Haitien (North of Haiti) that have created the Haiti Street Workers Platform. This meeting served to start an information exchange and to discuss future cooperation between the present organizations in the training field according the strategy to reinforce the Haiti platform. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Remus Lauture, PLATRUSE Secretary General and were presents the PLATRUSE board members and the recently elected national coordinator of Haiti platform Mr. Benito Cignac, representing the SwTI was present Mr. Helder Luiz Santos on mission in Haiti













Documentation for additional information FR: 

- Défaillance du système de protection des mineurs en Haïti

- Situation générale des Droit Humains en Haïti

Etat des Lieux



27-30th April

European Youth Work Convention (link)

Place: Brussels

Dynamo International-Street Workers Network (DISWN) will be represented by severals platforms' coordinators (Netherlands, Czech Republic) and by its director Edwin de Boevé.



Program 2015


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WORLD (Inscription) [FR]

30 Nov - 4th Déc 

Paris - France with CNLAPS




07-12 th December             

Lisbon- Portugal








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